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Outpatient Addiction Treatment



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We can help you today to break your addiction

Be it to alcohol, street drugs or prescription pain medication. Our clean, discreet, professional office provides a safe and comfortable environment for personal insight and growth in recovery. Treatment is staffed entirely by state-certified Addiction Specialists with a total combined experience of 34 years in addictions treatment. We are not affiliated in any way with The Living Center, Care Solutions, New Hope or Nirvana. We are a brand-new team with a quality, evidence-based, highly ethical, client-centered approach to addiction treatment.



Our standard Intensive Outpatient Program

is a 10 week course of 3 group sessions per week, plus individual and family sessions as indicated. It begins with a 2-hour in-depth assessment/intake appointment and ends with up to a year of free Aftercare sessions.




Our Philosophy

We are committed to help educate people about substance abuse and its negative consequences and to help the individual in planning and participating in their recovery and aftercare.


Our outpatient program takes a multi-dimensional approach to treatment. The chemically dependent person suffers emotionally, physically, spiritually and socially. Our program of recovery addresses all of this.


While long-term abstinence is the program's ultimate goal, clients are educated and treated so they may lead successful, responsible drug- and alcohol-free lives by using the tools of recovery.



Recovery Goals

No two individuals reach recovery in quite the same way. We believe in working with individual client-driven goals.

We aspire to have all treatment program participants:


- Accept their addiction and the problems associated with it


- Come to value and practice clean and sober living


- Thoroughly understand the disease of addiction from a scientific standpoint


- Understand the consequences of substance abuse


- Identify the signs and symptoms of the relapse dynamic


- Implement recovery tools to prevent relapse

BreakThroughs Outpatient Addiction Treatment

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