"Recovery delivers everything that addiction promised"

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Outpatient Addiction Treatment



(209) 529-1855

  • How can I tell if your treatments are a good fit for my needs?

    Call, text or email us for a no-obligation conversation about your situation.


    We offer an in-depth professional assessment for $250, which will be applied to your program if you enroll with us.

  • What kind of payments do you accept?

    Cash, money order, or credit card.

  • Will you work with my insurance provider?

    We will be happy to assist you in communicating with your insurance company

    regarding coverage and reimbursements.


    If you have no insurance, call us anyway- we will work with you to get you the

    treatment you need at an affordable price.

  • Does your treatment center qualify for my court-mandated treatment sessions?

    It may, unless you need a mandated program for a DUI.

    We will be glad to consult with your attorney, the DA, parole, probation

    or other court personnel to determine whether we can help.

  • Can I be in your treatment program and still smoke marijuana?

    We are a total abstinence program, which means our treatment goal is complete abstinence from all mind-altering drugs.

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